Ive collected some thoughts around LSD and its place among natural psychedelics in a phenomenological sense.

LSD has this really special place, I feel like its the most popular and most looked up to psychedelic of our age, kind of like a popstar. (Of course a lot of people stray from the mean, but its like the closest thing to a commercial psychedelic in my opinion.)
I saw someone make a very striking analogy: LSD is the big, bright neon sign leading the western culture back to psychedelics.


The question comes to mind, is it only by sheer coincidence, that LSD was the one chemical to start the 60s revolution and get the west tuned in again?

Could it have been replaced by any other synthetic compound?
Is there a good reason for the status it has in the culture?

Another thing which is interesting about LSD, given the status it has, Ive seen quite a few people state that LSD is more dangerous then for example mushrooms, because it is like getting in a bus without driver.

Subsequently to this statement, I want to share with you, something Ive experienced for my self, and thought about after a few experiences with Lucy.

There are people that state, when you take for example mushrooms, you tune into a field, where all the people that have ever taken the strain, left their mark. (Sidenote: this concept can be related to the Morphic Fields theory of Rupert Sheldrake. The most popular example for that theory would be the discovery of certain things, like the typewriter or color photography, that multiple people around the world made. These discoveries all happend independent from each other and approximately at the same time)

With LSD I felt a bit the same, but the character of the substance seemed much clearer and relate able to me. Like maybe, because LSD is such a novel compound, its spirit is still being influenced much quicker and effectively by the type of culture that its users are embedded in.
(when I talk about spirit, in terms of the spirit of mushrooms, or other psychedelics, Im merely referring to the very recognizable quality of these substances, that can be quite character like at times.)

This sensation, to me felt like a reflection of a particular energy our western culture seems involved in. The uprising of technology, the digital ways our society is developing communication and culture – the spirit of our age.

At some times, I thought, its like LSD is the one transcendental tool, or what ever you want to name it, that is made by humans, and therefore is a reflection of our very own collective consciousness, which we are shaping constantly, and therefore also the LSD-experience.

It truly feels like the next step in the evolution of psychedelic compounds(evolution as in adaption, not necessarily superior), adapted to our society.

Sadly Im not a great poet, but this feeling, that I have been experiencing, this big network of humans, who are using and thriving from this compound, is just so amazingly beautiful.
Its like the nature of human consciousness spit out a pill to experience it self.

So the spirit, of LSD, which has been denied its existence by many people, to me is the very spirit of humans themselves.

Therefore the human consciousness is the driver. LSD for me, in its „driverless way“, is the compound which represents the very unique ability of humans to create novel things, and therefore their own reality.

All this might just be a small fractal of the complete madness and beauty that the LSD experience is, and Im sure that I am only scratching the surface of it.

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