My sun sign, and ascendant in western astrology is in virgo. That means by nature of the stars, Im supposed to be a very head strong and knowledge related person.

Looking back, I can see that intellectual quality playing out a lot when it comes to my spiritual journey. Trying to gather all the information… Hunting for the most efficient techniques and the most interesting teachers….
Trying to squeeze it all into a whole unified theory of spirituality, which my monkey mind demands to be not less then perfect in its equation.

I have come across many powerful spiritual teachings. Too many, if I might say. As someone who is naturally drawn to researching everything to death, I have my problems with focusing on one approach.

What I have found, among all the schools of thoughts, and spiritual lineages that Ive come across…
The thing that helped me the most is…

to simply be.
To let everything be as it is.

I know… sounds boring, right?

The mind wants to be entertained, why let everything be as it is, if you can potentially learn to wield incredible powers, and gather the deepest secrets of cosmic entities?

But to me, it is that which brings me the greatest benefits. It allows me to experience incredibly deep peace and acceptance towards the shape of this/my life.

I have come to believe that the most incredible and “magical” things can be achieved, with the right amount of dedication. I’ve come across schools of magic, that challenged my believes about the building blocks of reality to the core. I’ve come across teachers, that made my ears ring true, at the sound of ancient masters with powers completely out of this world!!

How ever… at the end of this day, being with what is, is that which nourishes me the most.

When ever I went to pursue any of the before mentioned things for a prolonged amount of time, it was mostly feeding into my mind and ego. Its a trickery road, even though I dont doubt some can walk it.
I have experienced great and easy achieved bliss in some of the techniques on these paths.

But I like to remember, that all these incredible accomplishments are also merely impermanent forms in this world.
And that I dont need to achieve any of them to be perfect.
Because everything is already GOD, and nothing can exist outside of it.No matter if its a flying Super-Sayajin Kung Fu Master, or a Dictator ruling over a war-torn country (as controversial as that might sound).

If you are a person, that sometimes feels overwhelmed by the incredible amount of spiritual teachings, that one has access to today, I invite you to trust your feeling, on what rings closest to you, and nourishes you the most.
Keep exploring what is out there, but dont get attached to it, and dont fall trap to the seriousness that some spiritual schools have to it.
Everything that is complicated can be let go of in spiritual pursuit.
Play with the forms.

Existence is simple.
It just is.
You simply are.

Stay sharp.
Stay aware. (1).gif


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