What is the root of human behaviour and personality? Is it genetics? Is it our culture and Environment? What creates the person that we are today?

This discussion has been going through out all the psychology classes I took at university. It is an endless debate you can find through all sciences, interested in behaviour.

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My answer is simple.
You cannot separate genetics and environment.
Genetic disposition is ultimately influenced by the environment. Genetics are the result of thousands of years of external influence.

So the question to me is…
What does persist? Is there something, that is not constantly shaped by environment?

I say… Yes. There is.
It is consciousness.

It is that which cannot be measured, what can be touched upon in experience, via meditation.

So what about environment?

If we look closely, the “environment” we are talking about, is another huge organic system, that is basically without limit.

And what is the biggest organism, that we are part of?

It is the ecosystem of planet Earth.


We are all small parts of this ecosystem, every action creating reaction, and every change creating new action.
Thats one form, of how we are all connected. And we as humans, are a smaller ecosystem in its self with the exact same principle of action and reaction.

From our gut bacteria, outwards to the edges of the universe… its all just one big system, inseperable of each other.

Every line that can be drawn is completely mind-made.
So again this environment, genetic disposition discussion is just a bit childish in its current form.

How ever the interesting part is…

There appears to be a conscious part, that is able to make influences on a very small, but still very powerful level.

This influence reaches exactly as far as consciousness (as in being conscious of certain sensations). Note that the definition is not: as far as the personal organism goes! This is relative. The influence can be executed over everything you are conscious of.
And that is, how it is possible that one field of consciousness (as in the field of awareness that one “person” seems to possess, for most persons this goes as far as their own body and thoughts) can expand to influence organisms, that seem to be unconnected from a normal spectators point of view. This is because the way we perceive visually and spatially is just an illusion! The borders are merely illusionary.

You can imagine that everything in existence, has a certain field of conscious awareness.
If you want, you can imagine a scene of two persons standing on a grass field. There are spots of more and spots of less dense fields of self-aware consciousness.
Humans have the possibility to expand these fields, finally merging with other fields, that were separate before.

And eventually the whole scene might be filled with self-awareness.

So how to practice this, and what are the benefits?

You practice this with being present in your body as much as possible.
Explore every little detail. Spend some time every day doing it. There is no limit to it. You can also do it all day long.
With practice you will start to feel more and more. And trust me, when I say, there is no limit to this! You can feel everything! Consciousness is all penetrating!

So what about the benefits?
Well, you might know, that you can relax your muscles with the power of your mind.
You might also notice, that this power extends as far as your awareness and feeling goes.

So imagine feeling everything. No more borders.

The possibilities?
I leave it open to everbodies imagination 😉

Dream on friends!

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