It couldnt have happened faster that psychedelics actually went mainstream. Following cannabis, psychedelics, with the softer compound of MDMA heading the race, are bound to be the next hit in many alleys of life in this modern bound society. It is no coincidence that the uprising of spiritual practices and cannabis, as well as the rising interest in altered states of consciousness happens at the same time. These topics are ultimately connected in many ways. Both promise ways to a more healthy, wholesome life, while also giving insight or connecting you to the mysteries of life. While it is more obvious with psychedelic experiences, the mysteries of health can have a similar draw. Who living in California, the epicenter of the modern Urban Health Movement, hasnt had a delicious raw vegan dessert loaded with superfoods, while stoned out of their mind, and couldnt help, but ponder about the miraculous interface between plant medicines, dietary or visionary and the human nervous system?


Psychedelics are partly that great of a tool, not only, because they can lift the weight of lifelong traumas, but also because they open us up to the amazing interconnectedness of life, and also our amazing potential as human beings.
In this article I want to point to the later oneā€¦

For myself, the journey of psychedelics has finally led me on a path that I cant see leaving anytime soon. Through the opening of my world in these experiences Ive come to look deeper into the old traditions of mysticism, that have been alive around the globe for many millennial’s. Similar to psychedelics, a lot of this knowledge and practice has been hidden, and only available to a selected few in most cultures for the biggest part of history.
We now enter a time, where this knowledge is start to come out of the shadows, thanks mostly the interconnected of modern times, and a few practitioners that deemed the time right to open up about some of the secrets in their ancient practice.

Growing up with Kung Fu movies, and last but not least Kill Bill vol 2. we sometimes are presented with wondrous acts of human nature on screen.
The last years of research, practice and use of psychedelics have led me to believe that there actually is a lot more to the human nature then we were led to believe.

Throughout the last year, I can slowly see myself diverging from using psychedelics, as I have found the classic practices to be more sustainable in facilitating my personal development.

After reaching a point with psychedelics, where I had turned around most stones, that were my past, and healed a considerable amount of trauma, I so to say got a peek at the next layer of what it means to be human. When we do away with the gross conditioning and trauma, we come to see, that what we have started is actually just the beginning of a long refinement process of the different qualities of personal existence.
From here on its going to get a bit more esoteric, but I ask you to bear with me as I walk you through these principles.
What we do when we peel of the layers is actually refining, and recycling old patterns, that get stored in our energetic matrix. This matrix has several layers that are interconnected. They are spiritual, physical and energetic. Once we peel of the most heavy personal stuff, we come upon a layer that is very fine and responsive. If we practice right and with diligence, the feeling and being in touch with this layer will become our new embodied identity. Life is viewed through a new pair of eyes, as before unseen connections between events and actions start to become visible. As we become more intimate with the true nature of existence, we start to feel the bliss that is naturally given to us. This is experienced, with bringing the frequency of our layer to the same level, as the world and nature around us is running on.
From here on, for everybody in different order and frequency, all the experiences that we make on psychedelics, can be explored.

I have decided to write this article, in the hope, that we as a psychedelic community, can become a forerunner in the coming evolution of humanity, by starting to expand our horizon from only the psychedelic and scientific realm, to the old practices of enlightenment, that have paved the way to the understanding that is available today. We need to get together to bring this knowledge up to date with modern semantics and usability. We need to do so, with the same rational and passionate diligence, as we did and continue to do so with psychedelics!

I hope that in the coming years, many psychonauts will become serious practitioners of the ancient arts of internal cultivation, as with all respect to the psychedelic experience, I believe this to be the way for most sustainable growth of consciousness in the human species.

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